Asking for Directions at the Airport

Asking for Directions at the Airport

Conversation 1

Wayne (male) : touristi Sandy (male):clerk

Wayne: Excuse me,sir,where is the tourist information?

Sandy:Go straight?it is right by the entrance and you won't miss it.

Wayne:Thank you. By the way?is there an airport bus to the city?

Sandy: Yes,of course,the airport bus is parked in the east square and it will take you to the city centre.

Wayne: Is there a hotel which costs less than 50 dollars a night in the city centre?

Sandy: Yes, the Blue Sea Hotel is very comfortable and it will cost 30 dollars for a single room for a night.

Wayne: Where can I find the Blue Sea Hotel?

Sandy: You can take an airport bus and get off at the No 7 Street, then change to the No 16 Bus until the last second stop and you will find the Blue Sea Hotel.

Conversation 2

Robert (male): a new comer; Paddy (male) : clerk

Robert : How do you do? Nice to meet you here.

Paddy:Nice to meet you too. What can I do for you?

Robert:Excuse me,sir. How can I get to the city of Los Angeles from the airport?

Paddy :You can take a taxi or an airport shuttle.

Robert :How much will it cost for each?

Paddy:If you are in a hurry, you had better take a taxi, it probably will cost you $ 50. However, it is free of charge if you take an airport shuttle.

Robert : Could 1 share a taxi with someone else?

Paddy: It all depends. But you would need to decide which bus line you should take before you get on the bus.

Robert : Which bus should I take if I want to go to Chinatown?

Paddy: Let me check it for you. According to the route map you had better take an airport shuttle to Los Angeles Union Station and walk to Chinatown.

Robert : Thank you so much. See you later.

Paddy:See you.

Useful information

Travel rules of etiquette in the U. S. are also diverse. The pecking order of the car will change as a result of the different drivers. If you are in a taxi, the co-pilot position is the most humble,but when the driver is a friend, the location will be the most respected place. The right-rear seat is the respected place in most cases. The United States travel etiquette differs greatly from China. In the U. S. men in the taxi always open the right rear door for ladies,and let her enter first,and then go around to the left of the entry then open the door for himself?as an expression of respect for the ladies. These Chinese men open the right rear door,let the ladies enter first,and then enter into the car from the same door.