certificate or practical

certificate or practical

Recently many students feel confused in BEC, do not know whether there is a need to take the exam; want to test, then they should consider what level. How do I make sure? in my opinion, we still have to be starting from their needs. First thing to determine is - the purpose of what is hoped to get the the BEC this relatively high gold content of the certificate, to add luster to their resumes, or the urgent need to upgrade the English skills?

Situation: I hope to get the certificate, and strengthen their level of English, a preliminary understanding of the workplace .

Many college students want BEC Business English exam, on the one hand, reached a preliminary understanding of the workplace The purpose of this gold certificate, on the one hand, can also be used to enrich their resume. Of course, the certificate hand is all about children, training is not a test of real application capabilities will be able to get a trial. if all the focus is on the certificate, starting from their current level of English, select the appropriate exam. Typically, BEC junior high school senior difficulty corresponding follows:

College English about four levels: BEC primary (level of high school graduates in English would have been suitable for BEC primary learning.)

Level of around CET: BEC intermediate (difficulty ranged between College English among the six.)

Level above the CET: BEC senior (difficulty between CET and English professional eight.)

Situation: II: I hope to pass the interview, you need the ability to enhance the application of practical English

If we focus on the needs of the interview in English, as well as English proficiency, this time, to say the test of what BEC Beginner Intermediate Advanced i think that may have been too late. After all, even though the registration, but also to the second half of this year in order to take the exam. In this case, Xiao Bian suggest that you put aside the "certificate" directly targeted learning.

urgent need for the interview in English skills guidance: If you want to enter foreign, but because English issues in the interview, repeatedly frustrated; If you are graduating students graduating this reason the interview experience rich distressed, so the most appropriate Mo too targeted to teach the course of the interview experience.

The urgent need to improve English proficiency: If you obviously have a certain level of English, but often want to use said exports to it bumps; your hard back a lot of words, often statement stiff mouth, words do not convey. i suggest that we had better learn some of the practical application of the focus on oral English courses directly.