How to Register BEC

How to Register BEC

Many students ask How to Register BEC. well, deffirent country have deffirent centure. in big city and university have BEC center. you can make a call to Edu department nearby you.

BEC examinations general process:

The BEC examinations sequence reading, writing, listening and speaking. The exam generally 9 o'clock, but please candidates subject to the time on the ticket, it is best to arrive 30 minutes early.

I remember eating breakfast. If convenient, you can take a bottle of water, but be careful not to let the water affect your papers and answer sheet. Early on the toilet. Examine their own with or without a ticket, identity card, pencil, black gel pen, eraser. Into the classroom, you will find the various parts of the specific exam time written on the blackboard. Do not panic, calmly.

Written part of:

After the start of the examination, the first will be sent to you to read the papers, examinations to about 50 minutes, the teacher will remind Tiantu answer sheet. The examination was carried out to about one hour, the teacher will receive reading papers and answer sheet sent to you at the same time writing papers. Writing 45 minutes (this is the Intermediate examination time, Advanced Writing 70 minutes, the primary is reading and writing of 90 minutes) to complete. The end of these two questions is about 10:45 in the morning, after a break of 5-10 minutes, you can leave the seat to go to the toilet.

After the break, began hearing exams, hearing an audition in the rest time. The hearing examination procedures are as follows:

1. Issued papers, answer sheet.

2. Exams start playing the recording. Disassemble the papers, check the papers. Have any problems, questions within this time, the English are Chinese.

3 exam has officially begun.

Recording has finished playing, the teacher to determine the force after 10 minutes listening test paper and answer sheet.

The caveat here is: as directed by the University of Cambridge's official start playing the recording, you can disassemble the papers, browse the questions. But the exams are ahead of hair volume, typically five minutes in advance. So everyone can take advantage of this extra five minutes to browse the second portion of the exam, and then the first part of the third part.

Speaking part of the test:

1.The written exam oral exam in the afternoon or the next morning. Their sequence is arranged in accordance with the first letter of the name. Must pay attention to the number of its own. The speaking test procedures are as follows:

Called number to enter the waiting room to exam.

2 in the indoor climate test packet. By a group called the teacher generally 14 group, 28 individuals the same time test.

Note: Designate test about 10-15 minutes of time to wait. Use of the time you can practice your spoken and partner, the third part of the topic of the task assigned good spoken settle down first at the beginning, keep in mind that the two people do not quarrel.

Take the interview in the form oral exam, the exam consists of three parts, a brief conversation and discuss relevant business topics. Two examiners in the examination room, the one responsible for the questions, one responsible for the score. Ratings examiner (assessor) to the following four criteria: grammar and vocabulary, conversation organization, pronunciation and interactive communication. The answers to the examiner (interlocutor) to give a total score for the entire test.