How to Make Appointments

How to Make Appointments

Appointments are important parts of the bosses?work prograrns. Appointments mean that the boss meets with others to do business at the appointed time and place.

1. Scheduling appointments for clients to meet with your boss The following are the questions you need to ask anyone who wants to make an appointment :





Telephone Contact Subject of discussion

have this information finalizing the appointment repeat

Example:Mr Smith, we'll see you on Tuesday, 1st May at 11:30 am.

Now if you're unsure that the appointment will suit your boss, you need to explain that you will ring and confirm it. On the other hand if you're pretty certain there will be no changes,tell them you?11 only contact them if a change needs to be made.

Scheduling appointments for your boss to meet with someone in another office Your boss has asked you to set up an appointment for him. You will need to get the following information from your boss or manager to enable you to do it:Name of person he wants to meet Venue of the appointment their office or his Day, date and time The subject he wishes to discuss How long he needs for the appointment

Now you've got all this information,contact the office and schedule the appointment. You may sometimes need to have a couple of dates or times as the first may not suit the other party. Sometimes it is not unusual to have to make a couple of calls to set this up as both their schedules may be pretty tight. Always leave vAth the other party:

Your boss name for the appointment Contact telephone Number Your name

Just in case the other party needs to change the appointment. Now you have all the information relating to this appointment, and your next step is to write a written message to your boss detailing all the information:

Day, date, time,Name of the person the appointments with Where tiie appointment is to be held Telephone contact details and make the entry in yours and your boss' s diary.