Asking for Information

Information about company

What does your company do?

We produce marketing materials.

What is your specialty?

What do you specialize in?

We specialize in art and design.

What is your main line of business?

What are your major products?

We produce office machines.

What services do you provide?

We design software.

We provide technical support.

Information about products

Could you give me some (more) information on this?

This is one of our top brands.

It's our best selling refrigerator.

This one is the best in its class.

What can you tell me about this (product)?

We're really pleased with its performance.

It's an excellent computer.

I highly recommend this one.

Tell me about this one/model.

This model comes with several features.

This particular one has two components.

Information about Price

What are you asking for this?

What does this sell for?

How much is it?

How much does it run?

This (one) sells for $5900.

This one goes for $2900.

This one is priced at $9695.