How to Make a Cocktail Party?

How to Make a Cocktail Party?

Step 1

Send out written invitations for large and formal affairs, telephone or E-mail for smaller ones. Include the nature of the party (cocktails), the occasion, if any, the date, and the beginning and ending times of the party.

Step 2

Make arrangements for a caterer and bartender if your party will be large (over 30 people),and your budget permits. Otherwise, prepare a cocktail menu and plan out how you will prepare everything ahead of time.

Step 3

For drinks, you may plan to have wine and beer, as well as supplies f0r several kinds of cocktails. Have non-alcoholic alternatives on hand as well, and be sure you'11 have enough ice

Step 4

Remove large pieces of furniture or clutter from the room you plan to hold the party in. Set up two large tables-one for drinks, the other for horsd, oeuvres-a good distance from each other or at opposite ends of the room,to cut down on traffic around them.

Step 5

Set up chairs and smaller tables around the room. Comfortable folding chairs and tables are adequate and easy to move around.

Step 6

Decorate with table linens, candles and simple floral arrangements. The complexity of the arrangements and quality of the linens should reflect the formality of the event

Step 7

Ask your guests for their coats as soon as they enter and hang the coats on a coat rack in a coat closet.

Step 8

Tell your guests to help themselves to horsd,oeuvres. If there is no bartender, ask your guests what they would like to drink and serve them yourself.

Step 9

If it is necessary to address on the party, be sure to make the speech short.

Step 10

Have a few party games up your sleeve to break the ice and encourage your guests to mingle.