how to choose a product

how to choose a product sale online

In how to sell product online page we know a little about online marketing.

in the first step, we need a product for sale.that's today's topic. there are many good way find a good product for you.

1.Watching TV Advertise. if one company finish a new product, they often AD on TV, they spend a lot money on it. in other word, this product can solve most of people's problem. Fof example, this product can lose people's weight. your job is visit B2B(business to business) website buy some sample for try sale.

2.Reading Newspaper AD. newspaper is a pupolar media notice people information. they often include more business news. such as a new product .buy today's newspaper, on AD page, you can find alot ADs .if someone always AD on newspaper, this product can help you earn money.Find it.

3.Search on seach engine. use Google,Yahoo,Bing,Aol search keyword. For example, search how to lose weight,How to learn English, you will find a lot of AD.think about which product you like.i strong recommend you using google keyword tool know more information about the product. search engine is the best tool find product.

4.Listening is a good way know products, when i in high school,i often listen radio learn english,VOA is my favorate progrem. Also i listen a lot ADs, such as hospital AD on radio.

5. Looking for your local area. if your city have a lot of toy factory, you can sale toy online,if you can see flower nearby your house, you can sale flower online. For me, i living in Shenzhen city, China i sale computer part, such as AD adaptor, USB disk, Hard disk,digital camara and more things i can find it easy in my city. my friend sale terracotta worriors , paper-cutting.both of that only produce in china.

6. Yellow page. yellow page are fanterstic, you can find any information you want to know.

7.Hot product on ebay,amazon. Visit famous website learn hot product.which product is pupolar ?