How to Make a Business Call

How to Make a Business Call

Step 1: Introduce yourself on the call. remind the person of your identity at the beginning

Step2:Findout if the person you are calling is fully available to talk. It not?try schedule an appointment for you to call back.

Step 3:Use notes to help guide you through the you want to mention?

Step 4:what you are saying in their own words As other person to repeat page and understand is important in ensuring you are both on conversation is about.

Step 5:Stick to the subject and do not allow the business conversation to with meaningless chatter.

Step 6:Review the important points of the discussion, going over each person responsibilities.

Step 7:End the call on a pleasant note. Thank the other person for their time an appointment for another call (if needed)and wish them a good day. Become to set up who will make the call.


A : Hello,IMB company,Alice speaking,how may I direct your call?

B: Hello, is your boss in?

A: Please hold, while I check... Sorry, sir, he is out. May I take a message?

B: Please tell your boss that John Smith called. Have him call me back ASAP.

A: I will take care of that right away. Is there anything else?

B: No. That's all.

A: Goodbye and have a nice day.

B: You too, bye-bye.