how to promote website

how to promote website

There are many ways promote website, get more customers buy your products.but in the beginning you have to focuss on one or two ways. don't use all method unless you have a lot of money.

1.Google Adwords. google adword is the best way reach global buyers, but it have many tips . it's a pay service.PPC(pay per click) is a useful way sell product.Choose keywords and create AD series. we will talk google adword in other article.

2.SEO. seo is the best free way promote website. i start my own business from seo.seo help me get many customers. website title is the most important of a website, keywords and description are more important reasons for website rank. For example: you sale iphone 5, you can comfig website like this:title:iPhone 5, Buy iPhone 5 online,iPhone 5 price.
keyword:iphone5,iphone 5 price,iphone 5 discount.
Description:Buy iphone 5 online,new iphone 5 only sale $99,free shipping.that's all comfig of website information.

3.Facebook .more and more people register facebook, facebook is a good way know your friends or others people doing recently. if you are famous, you have many fans follow you. if you publish an AD, most of fans know your AD. they will click the link visit your website.

4.Twitter. like facebook.

5.Email.permittion marketing is a best way sell your product. you can created a free demo for people try. such as ,my friend created Flow Chinese system, teaching people learn chinese. she created free chinese ebook for visitors download. everyday she will send a free email to subscribers, so people will get free email course,they trust my friends, so they will buy flow chinese course. if you want to learn chinese, you can get a try at

6.More tips,Video,Audio,Picture ,sofeware and more ways. waitting for update.

I strong recommend you focus on google adword,SEO, Email.