how to sell products online

How to sell products online

If you want to sale products online, i give some useful advises for you, i start my own business since 2010, and now all of my money from internet.

1.Find a product you want to sale. please don't choose a lot of products, i recommend you choose one or two products. be sure you know most of it (your product),For example, if you sell a cup, be sure you know the price of cup, the feather of cup. what's the cup made of ? everything you need to know. and then you buy some cup for sample sale. Product is most important. there are many way find which product good for your sale.

2. Choose a sale platform. there are many famous platforms for your chioce, sach as,, and more. on ebay you can reach global buyer.for beginner, i strong recommend you start on design your website is most important.(this method we will discut leter, i will teach you how to built a business website in a second, and get more customers in a short time.)

3.Publish your product. if you want to sale cup on ebay, you have to take a photo of cup. be sure people can understant your picture. if you can photoshop or other image software, that's great. make a change of picture is perfect. if you have money, find a professional people help you.

4.Promote your website or ebay store . everyday people will open a new online store or publish a new website, so you need customers visit your website or ebay store. thare are many ways promote website. google adwords is the fast way sale your products, but you need pay for google. SEO is the best way promote your website free, i will teach you in other article.E-mail is a good way let people know your website.facebook,twitter,msn and more useful ways i will tell you later.

5.Good customer service. customers is god. this is an important rule of online business, people always choose brand company,famous product. because they can offer good service.

There are many reasons for successful business.i have over 500,000 students online,they trust me and follow my advise and earn money already. and we will talk it in other way. if you have better ideas please let me know,contact me by email.