how to Interview job finders


As a secretary, you should know the three distinct parts of the interview process:

Preparation before the interview

Be aware what kind of person your boss wants to hire. Write job offer advertisement based on the requirements of your company and then put it in newspapers and on your company's website. Examine job-application materials and help sort out the persons qualified for your interview when applications come.

Decide on the date and venue of the interview and invite several qualified persons to run and sit in the interview.

Discuss with interviewers about the content of evaluation on applicants. Inform the candidates to come to an interview after screening the qualifications.

The interview itself

Treat all the interviewees equally and regard the interview as both a selling and a matching process.

Pay attention to interview etiquettes.

Tell interviewees about the recruitment requirements before asking questions. Look at the interviewees and listen carefully when asking questions.

Associate the impression from the application materials with interviewed himself together, examine the interviewee fully.

Pay attention to the length of time in the interview.