How to Talk with Potential Business Investors

How to Talk with Potential Business Investors

Talking with potential business investors is something you should plan ahead. With a solid business plan and your best foot forward, the business backers are likely to support you.

Step 1

Check your business plan. Make sure you know it from top to bottom so you won't be faced with a question you can't answer.

Step 2

Give a presentation that emphasizes all the good points of your propular,take questions during the presentation that give you a chance to focus on the good. If a question may lead to a negative portrayal of the proposal, say you'll get to that question later. The presentation ^lould only emphasize the good points of a buaness.

Step 3

Field each question after the presentation with honesty and clarity. If at this time questions are asked that jeopardize the deal,respond to the question or the objection Anth honesty,but portray tiie objection as minor.

Step 4

in the investors are reluctant, ask what their concerns are. The best time to get a commitment is In person after the presentation. Find out what their hidden objections are and challenge them.

Step 5

Get a firm commitment from the investors, and a check if possible. Have scrnie kind of contract ready. Strike uMe your presentation is fresh in their mind and before they talk to someone else.