Making Appointments

I'd like to make an appointment with Dr. Bill.

I'd like to schedule a meeting with Ms. Terry.

Could I schedule a time to meet with Mr. East?

What time is best for you?

When would be a good time for you?

Would 9:00 on Thursday be okay?

He'll be in on Tuesday.

His schedule is open all day Monday.

She's free any day but Wednesday.

Dr. Itup will be away until Friday.

Will Mr. Rodgers be in tomorrow?

Is he available next Wednesday?

Does he have any openings on Tuesday?

Does she have any time on Thursday?

Sorry, her calendar is full on Monday.

She will be out on Wednesday.

He doesn't have time on Tuesday.

How about Friday at 4:00?

Thursday at 10:00 will be fine.

Friday at 11:00 sounds good.

Okay. Tuesday morning at 9.

Monday at 8:00 is not good for me.

Wednesday is not possible.