Meeting Arrangement

Meeting Arrangement

To start with

Realistically it will take some time from conception to welcoming delegates at your conference and advance planning is the key to a successful meeting. If possible have someone on whom you can rely to assist but do not delegate widely to too many people as it is important, as the organizer, to be fully aware of all that is going on. The key players of a successful conference are the delegates, so define the audience and then tailor the program content to its needs. When deciding upon the timing of the program, allow time for registration and, if relevant, set a starting time that is convenient for people traveling long distances.

Where and when

At the same time as working out the program timings, the date and venue should be chosen. When choosing the date, take into account the timing of other events which may clash. When choosing a venue, check the accessibility for travelers.


Having fixed the date and program the next stage is to choose the speakers, inviting them with as much notice as possible.


Decide on the delegate fee before advertising the meeting:total the realistic costs, ie hire of venue, accommodation, speaker's fees and travel costs. Guess the expected number of delegates.


Give plenty of advance notice of the date and venue by an early mailshot. allows people,if interested,to put the date into their diaries jn that mailshot have a designated contact person and telephone number to enquiries. If possible use other agencies who have their own regular mailing specet joumds to advertise the meeting. Given enough time, word of mouth will then continue to promote it.

Hotel arrangements

after the late registration date (approximately 4~5 weeks before the conference) confirm the provisional number with the hotel. Contact the hotel about two weeks prior to the meeting to confirm final number?decide on menus and finalize the arrangements. A week before the meeting, provide the hotel with a complete list of delegates and speakers for allocation of accommodation.

Prior to start of meeting

Prepare delegate packs to include a name badge, delegate list, program, pad of paper, speakers,notes, pen and dinner invitation if applicable. Prepare appraisal sheets for all delegates to complete at the end of the meeting.

At the meeting

Arrive well in advance of the start of registration to sort out any last minute hitches. Taking time to check the audio-visual equipment is working. If possible have access to a spare projector.