how to promote product

how to promote product


The interest will greatly increase the chances of success. Only interested in, and you are willing to spend the time and effort to do it well. Especially the first network marketing, is only interested in the product, you will have a passion to do their website, the gradual increase in site traffic, generate revenue, and from which to enjoy the fun. A simple method is that you like to be listed, and then identify the products or services.

For example, you are a bookworm, you can find online bookstores such as as a promotional platform. Because you like reading, you promote your book to find the point of sale, not a very difficult thing to convince other people to buy.

Our network promotion, so most of the time have to use a computer. Over time, the speed of our computer is getting slower and slower. After searching the web, only to find that the registry. Original, daily use of computers, all kinds of trash and unneeded files accumulate in the registry, the longer the time, the slower the speed. At this time, we think that every computer user will encounter this problem, so we clean up the registry software market, and then we registered ClickBank (mainly electronic products promotion platform) promotion. So far, the facts have proved that our choice is correct.

Good Skill

In order to be able to effectively selling products, you need to be well aware of the product. If you are not very understanding, to promote the products necessary to learn from scratch, that would be so painful thing. So, the best is started from the master. In this way, the process of product promotion will have heart Should go ahead.

If you like reading, general, you may have more than other people like a certain genre of books, assuming the horror books. You can set your promotional products as a horror story, ghost stories, or smoke Blood ghost.

If you do not own the line, that according to their willingness to choose, and then take the necessary time to study, eventually you can become experts in the field.

for the target market

You choose to promote products the necessary Market Survey. To be successful, you need to clear the following question:

whether there is enough demand in the market

If your chosen field is very narrow, and I am afraid that will not be successful. Because I would have a few people searching for your product or market demand for small, there is no opportunity to play. You can use Google's free keyword tool to detect the average number of keywords of your product within a month search. So that you can know how your product needs. For example, the search "registry cleaner", the results obtained in the United States a month was found to average 550,000 times, the world is 1,220,000 times. Therefore, registry cleaning software has confirmed that there is a lot of market demand. You can also use the free keyword tools to search, such as: Google's Keyword Tool.

Keyword Research

Use keyword tools to find out detailed information of keywords, such as search volume, CPC, and the level of competition. The same above mentioned "registry cleaner" for example, search on registry cleaner, 10,800,000 website. This shows that this keyword competition is too fierce.

However, the "fix slow pc" keywords found a month in the United States is searched 4,400 times, Google shows 6,340,000 websites. Compared to the competition of the keyword "registry cleaner" to be much weaker.

Points: big competitive keywords must be very intense, and it is difficult to bid good ranking, so you should be committed to those relatively less competitive, but clicking on the relatively more keywords. This is one for your new site to get a good ranking method.

To establish their own unique marketing strategy

Find their competitors, and study how they promote their products stand out. Then create your own unique marketing strategy. It can be a characteristic of the product (eg, discounted products) or higher positioning of the target market (such as, not only from registry scan, you can also proceed from computer repair or optimize angle) you will find that there are many ways to attract the attention of potential users. At this point in our experience, for example: a lot of hot the registry class of software, CB (ClickBank) can be described as very intense competition in the market. So, we must choose a unique software. After constant comparison, we chose a registry winner. With other similar products, it has the same or even more features, the most important is that it is multi-language products, and support for 12 languages. In the United States, the registry removal software competition is fierce, the Americans are no longer the largest consumer groups of such products. So, open up markets in other countries, it is very necessary, and multi-language product is undoubtedly the most competitive.

This part is very important, because the only choice is a good, the right products, the conversion rate will be higher, the PPC operations (For more detailed information about the conversion rate will be better, please read this article, the last chapter).

to understand consumer groups

Know thyself, to win every battle. Only by understanding your product the most attractive kind of crowd, you can know how to promote your product or how potential users feel comfortable and not flying around like headless flies came page. Only by understanding the market, you can know how to attract customers to the eye, so as to obtain benefits.

The following registry cleaning software, for example. Crowd bought this software can be summarized as follows: male, aged 25-50 years old, like the manual operation to optimize or repair computers, more concerned about the speed and features of the computer, but not a computer expert (manual operation is very complex, the viewer is not Caution will go wrong, resulting in a system crash, so not experts in this field can try to manually fix). On the basis of this analysis, we know how to cater to users. For example: in order to allow potential users to understand information about Registry Optimizer, we will write a professional, but a clear and easy to understand articles. But also to ensure that the page is easy to navigate, because sometimes people (especially men) much of a rush to search for products or information to your page, 5 seconds have yet to find the information they need, they will have a fooled feel cheated not to mention buy. So the most important information on the obvious location such as the first paragraph, this is especially important.