SEO,nature rate on search engine

SEO,nature rate on search engine

Many recent surveys show significant advantages of SEO than PPC. Most of the survey show that users are more willing to click on natural search results and natural search results page conversion is relatively high. One study shows that 54% of Google users tend to be the natural search results, 66% of people hate the search advertising. The SEO effect lasting the PPC effect more quickly. To lay the solid foundation for an SEO, it is the ultimate effect will be a long-term, and the benefits are better than any PPC campaign.

Search engine optimization to promote the advantages of:

As said earlier, as most users prefer natural search results, so prefers click.

SEO promotion can create external links. So many sites link to your own website, not only for the website ranking improved, can also bring visits, and this advantage remains quite a long time.

Lower cost than PPC

, but the benefits are long-term, stable, customers can bring a higher return on investment income Can be well optimized site content to sell or promote products. Visits are completely free, no pay-per-click.

Search engine optimized deficiencies:

The search engine on the natural result of the ranking algorithm is unstable, once changed, certain sites will be affected, but the effect is not stable enough, can not accurately predict the ranking and visit Asked amount.

SEO is not immediately effective, often may need to wait a few months to be effective.

SEO beginning to attract eyeballs at low cost, but search engines constantly improve its ranking system, optimize costs rising, it was the most popular keywords on Obvious.