How to Deal with Staff Suggestions

How to Deal with Staff Suggestions

Step 1

Have regular systems for getting suggestions from staff. These should be both formal and informal. There should be ways for staff to make anonymous comments / suggestions if they wish. Try to promote staff suggestion schemes actively and get comments from staff who deal with the public in as many different ways as possible.

Step 2

Stay calm and listen attentively. Make sure your staff know that you value their suggestions. Ask for details. Specific details can be used to solve some kind of problems because useful information can be passed on to the design and production departments.

Step 3

Repeat the main points that have been made. Check the name and contact details of the staff. Promise that you will take their suggestions into serious consideration.

Step 4

Spend some time analyzing and discussing the suggestions with your boss or people in charge of the sections mentioned in the suggestions. Consider if these suggestions are feasible.

Step 5

Take measures to implement suggestions. If within your functions and powers, deal with it yourself. If it is related with some specific sections, assign the leaders in the section to be in charge of it. And require them to finish within a specific period of time.

Step 6

Check whether the suggestions are implemented.

Step 7

Consider rewards for good suggestions. If you have a reward system for good