Work plan

Work plan

The following is a sample for writing a business plan and a brief description of each major heading required for a professional business plan.

Executive Summary

This is your opening paragraph, the most important part of your written plan! The executive Summary will state your company name, nature of your business. This can be done in a single paragraph. Do not feel that you have to state your entire case in this section. But, be specific. Your plan is not the place for generalities.

In closing your Summary, make sure you include the amount of money needed, whether it be in the form of debt, equity or a combination of both.


This section works both for new start-ups, and existing business looking to expand operations.

With a start-up situation?you want to explain the background of the type of business you want to start and /or your new product or service. Now if you have an existing business, the background is self-explanatory. Be factual. Always remember, you want to get your point across, but try to be concise.


The "objectives" section is not merely there to boast. In this section, you want to clearly state the goals for your company. Also, you will want to talk about other short term and long term goals. Generally short term is 2-5 years,and long term covers 5 years.

The Experience

This section may or may not be appropriate. Simply, you are describing detail,what your business is all about. What makes your product or service better than the others.

Marketing Analysis & Advertising

Depending on the scope of your venture and target market,you may want to split this into two separate sections? one dealing with your market analysis, the other with advertising. In the market analysis, you describe who your customer is. The advertising section should not only describe the means,but also cost analysis,your edge over the competition, public relations, guerilla tactics, etc.


The Competition section will cover exactly who you compete against. You want to compare every aspect of you versus them. You must know your competition inside and out.

Management Team

This section is important for overall confidence in those who are set forth the actions described in your plan. Management can include, but not limited to, yourself, partners and key employees. You want to briefly describe each person's background, position in the company and duties to be performed.

Financials/ Operating Performance

In the financial section, there is no need to be long winded. Mention some gross sales and profits that you anticipate, throw in a graph or chart. You also want to re-iterate the money needed to be raised .and by which means.


You must include the following attachments with your plan:

Projected Profit and Loss Statement Break-Even Analysis Balance Sheet Cash Flow Statement Return on Investment Statement Market Analysis /Demographic Report Advertising Literature Key Person Resumes