Are you a doctor

Are you a doctor

Tom: I am a new student from china.My name is Tom, T-O-M tom.

Robin: Great to see you.My name is Robin.

Tom: Are you American ?

Robin: Yes, I am.I am from New York, You from china, that's a wonderful country.

Tom: Yes, i love my country, my home town is in Hong Kong, my brother in Taiwan.

Robin: What nationality are you?

Tom:I said it before, i am chinese.Are you a Doctor?

Robin: No, I'm not.I am a medical university student,I am studing Doctor master degree.

Tom: Did you like your job?

Robin: Yes,i like doctor, i want to be a famous doctor in the futher.

Tom: Good luck, your dream will come ture one day.I'm a school doctor, working here about 10 years.