courtesy title

courtesy title

A courtesy title is a title that is not a substantive title but rather is used through custom or courtesy.In France, for example, many titles are not substantive titles but courtesy titles. A common practice is descending title when cadet males of noble families, especially landed aristocracy, may assume a lower courtesy title such as count even though lacking a titled seigneury themselves. For example the eldest son of the Duke of Paris (substantive title) may be called Marquess of Paris (courtesy title) and younger sons Count N. of Paris, where N. stands for the first name.


Miss is a title for single women.

Single women are unmarried.

Unmarried is the opposite of married.

Ms. or Ms

Ms. is a title for all women.

It can be spelled with or without the final period. (Ms. or Ms)

Both married and single women can use the title Ms.


Mrs. is a title for a married woman.

Mrs. is an abbreviation for "Mistress".

Mrs. has a period at the end.


Mr. is a courtesy title for men.

Courtesy titles show respect.

Titles: Mr., Mrs., Miss., Ms. Juan can be called Mr. Lopez.