enjoy life

enjoy life

Helen: have u heard the song monster? it says the secret side of me i never let u see i keep in cage but i cant controll it

Ganaa:Look ourselves means careful what we eat, think and do...taking special care of input then output will be fine naturally

Helen: it channges in the end bia jan heavan forgive me i wont send any linke here again :D was lazy to go to bia's prvt

Bia:ok Heaven is protesting but i will read till the end though

Bia:nice girls are always lazy Helen have you done any housework today? the dishes or vaccum cleaning?

Heaven:Bia, I am not protesting. Why do you see my words in negative way? 8-( I have to explain everything to you?

Behnam: If someone feel afraid of looking at his/her inside, he/she may have not a good one.

Behnam: We must keep our conscience clean. In this case, it will be easy to look ,Keep your conscience pure and clean, enjoy the life.

Mikey: I think no matter what, we have to keep our kindness to others.I want native speaker of english language

Behnam: Yes Heaven, you say something interesting. In theory it is good, but I guess you are not good at practicing it. Sorry, I am frank,that's easy to say heaven...but everyday I see so many bad things around the world...that sometimes I question myself on why those things happen so often...