Forbidden City

Forbidden City

A:According to our traveling schedule, today we are going to visit the Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City.

B:I knew the name Forbidden City long ago, yet ifs the first time I've ever seen it with my own eyes. I'm too excited.

A:The touring cab is waiting at the opposite parking ground. Lefs walk across the road. Please take care. (After a while, they reach the Palace Museum.) Now, we are standing on the grounds of the Imperial Palace.

B: Oh! It is gorgeous and elaborate, indeed.

A: This is the world-famous Forbidden City where Chinese emperors, empresses and their families once lived.

B: Why is it called "Forbidden City"? the magnificent hall was rendered misty and fragrant by the smoke of sandalwood rising from these incensories, with the emperor in full attire on the throne and officials standing on both sides in reverence and deference.

A: Here we are in the Hall of Central Harmony. It is smaller and square in shape. Lefs proceed to the next hall.

B:But hold on, what are these? I bet they are the sedan chairs.

A: Exactly. One was used in the Ming Dynasty and the other in the Qing Dynasty.

B: How interesting! It must be very comfortable to take this means of transport although it's not very fast.

A: Yes... This is the Hall of Protective Harmony. After Emperor Qianlong of the Qinfl Dynasty, the hall became the site of thg "imperial examination". The examiness competed for the highest degree of tstate examination.

B: What benefit did the winner receive? (If someone's answer pleased the rulers. it would mean wealth and an career for him.