talk about holiday

talk about holiday

Heaven:Ganaa, I disagree with that idea too some how.How is your holiday? Behnam

Behnam:Long time no see!My holidays are boring,a total waste of time

Ganaa:It have to be natural in order to build new hobby. if we can't burn in that hobby, it last for short time

shark:dolphins sleep with one eye open. isn't intersting

shubham sharma:you seems pretty much interested in fishes shark

Bruno shark that phrase reminded me the lyric of metallica's song

Heaven:Tell us other news from the sea, Shark

Bruno:sleeping with one eye open gripping your pillow tight

Ganaa:Heaven..I am wondering why we are doing same thing day by day..........just for make life? why not doing something different per day?

Behnam:When the pocket is empty, holidays are black days full of misery