i am so hungry

i am so hungry

Ganaa:it may due to our greedy mind...Behnam.......not really come from empty stomach.........on the other hand, empty stomach is better than full one specially for health

shark:heaven i use to read ur article, it is very very interesting u have written it with a good humour sense, my applause for you

Heaven:You could take sandwich with you, Behnam.

Ganaa: Here, we can not follow others, but in reality, i can't make life without working from morning till night even though i haven't discovered that something capability in me for 1 hour can earn more than 1 day full work,Heaven.

Heaven:Thank you, Shark. You said this once. Sharma, it depends what do you refer to Heaven

Ganaa:Yes..Bruno....If we have money in pocket, we will think about it a lot......without any money, we don't think that serious and maybe try to learn how to enjoy that moment, weather and holiday is to long.

frank alvarez:hey ganaa you're typing profusely , great command, my congrats

Heaven: Life is treating me well thank to God, Behnam

shark:you know heaven all aquatic animals have 2 chambered hearts but crocodiles having 4 chambered hearts

Heaven: You are very funny guys. You must come here to spend your time to make fun. Except learning