talk about life

talk about life

shark:heaven i use to read your article, you know it os very intersting, you have written it with a great humour, i am giving a big applause.

Ganaa: I love to walk with empty pocket....feeling real freedom and mind will automatically run how to enjoy myself without any money..Behnam

Ganaa:YES! Heaven...We are too weak to walk on our feet but follow others in order to catch up community speed

Behnam:Ganaa, I used to do that, buy my stomach doesn't listen to me! It sees delicious foods and grumbles

Heaven:I agree, with Ganaa. Take your car, or bus and go around your city to change your mood, Behnam

Heaven:Ganaa, we don't follow other people almost. We used to do what is our own interest here.

shark:ok fine, fishes having 2 chambered hearts and also all aquatic animals having 2 or 3 chambered hearts, but , crocodiles having 4 chambered hearts.

Bruno:ganaa empty pocket remind me that proverd " the best things in live are free

Heaven:But maybe human don't know what should to change.

Ganaa:it may due to our greedy mind...Behnam.......not really come from empty stomach.........on the other hand, empty stomach is better than full one specially for health