Did you mind something

Did you mind something

Ganaa:LOL...Behnam...Pleasure is mine...good to know that you read mind

frank alvarez: behnam, so you see yourself as a good listener, any tips to enhance that ability?

Ganaa:BIa..Loong time......Good to see you again here in Wonder EC

frank alvarez:sometimes isn't big deal to read minds, after all our body speaks louder, doesn't it?

Heaven:No, Frank. Some could hide their emotion very well reality, people read body language rather than reading mind?

Bruno:heaven I forgot again where are you already told nomerous times...but I can't fix it in this tiny brain of mine

Heaven:Not that much. I am sure you know it already

frank alvarez: but at the end our bodies betrays us, and we're done revealing our emotions

Ganaa: I always excited to have old members! Bia....We can't leave EC forever but for while

Bia: some ppl are good in pretending that its not easy to guess from the mimic or gestures you're right GANAA

Heaven: No. An island close to UK I am not from England

Bruno:yes I know...and you have english as your native language right? I agree that liar can't hide their emotion for long time.