Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven

B:It is said that the tree was already here at the very beginning of the temple construction ,so it is said to be here for about 600 years.

A:How old is the Nine-Dragon Cypress in the Temple of Heaven? B:In ancient times the Chinese legend believed that Heaven was round and the Earth was square. Before 1530, the ninth year of Emperor Jiajing's reign in the Ming Dynasty, Emperors offered their sacrifices to Heaven and the Earth at the same time and also in the same place. Therefore, the compound wall was built into a semcircle one at the north to represent Heaven and square on the south to symbolize the Earth.

A:Why was the compound wall surrounding the Temple of Heaven made square on the south yet semicircular at the north?

B:In feudal times, Emperors had first to fast three days before they went to offer sacrifices in the Temple of Heaven, The day prior to the holding of the sacrificial ceremony, Itie emperor had to move into the Abstinence Hall and take a bath there, so as to show his sincere piety for the "God of Heaven".What is the Abstinence Hall in the Temple of Heaven used for?

A:oK. Whatever you say.

B:Thank you. As a tour guide, I should telfl you that the Temple of Heaven is one of our very significant historical sites. It wasl built in 1420, and was rebuilt in 1890.

A:What was it built for?

B:It was the place where the emperor worshipped the Heaven and prayed ton good harvests. There are three main structures of important historical interest in this park on one axis. From south, the first one is called the Circular Mound, the second is called the ImperiaU Vault of Heaven, the last one is call the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests. (At the Circular Mound Altar)

A: Oh. The marbles look fantastic incredible! !

B: Have you noticed the outside wall square, whereas the inside wall is round The square wall represents the Earth, an he round one, the Heaven. Legend has that the Heaven is round and the Earth.