when we young

when we young

Tony: Pearl, when we are young, we must think about our old age. Our partner is supposed to be with us when we are old.

Pearl: but not all can become parent,not all people in this world have a kid

frank : well I do not root for animal ill treatment but too much animal grooming gets me sick

Behnam: This is really threatening. Loneliness is threatening, even more dangerous than nuclear weapons

Pearl: i don't think to like pets is so big problem for human

Behnam: They are pearl, because they draw our attention, and we little by little forget our friends, even our relatives.We must learn how to live with each other We must respect each other

Mickey: true, behnam I cant agree with ya more ,I am sorry for that, pearl

near with me living one old lady.she has a dauther,but her child left she is very single in her life and she like a cats.because her cats never leave her as her own child

Behnam: I read something about Gay Marriage in the papers, it is really disgusting.

Pearl: old man want to matty young woman here behnam nobody need old lady

Behnam: Very bad situation. I am sure, this problem-loneliness- will destroy the world.