describe your life

how are you ?  and no i am not rich ( my status is working class ) there is middle class and upper class society where i live ,, in reality my life is a simple one ,, but yes we are very comfortable,, and i appreciate what chances i have been given,, my car ( a ute ) is very old and not worth much,, my wife has a newer car and then a car which she needs for her work,, then my son has his own car,, that is how we have the four cars,,,my house is not big,, but is big enough,,typical of the average working class australian. I hope that i can help you improve your english skills and maybe give you some extra insight into the culture of my country,, please ask me anything ok,, i like to help people and i love to learn from other people`s cultures too.
we have four seasons in australia,, at the moment it is spring, and after having a long, cold winter ,, i am enjoying the warmth and sunshine,, i have much to do outside and because my house is wooden, it needs a lot of maintennance,, i also have a vegetable garden,, two dogs as pets and one cat :)
Are people surprised that you have a friend from australia ? i found the forum by accident as i was researching china and tourism for a friend. many locals like me agree that the chinese input to our economy is very important,, there are many tourists each year from china and also our local university has many chinese students that come here to study and also help by working in local businesses,,
i will send some photos soon and explain them to give you an idea of life here,( on the weekend ) at the moment we have whales in our river ( humpback and southern right whales,, also dolphins ) ,, my city of hobart is the last and closest port to antarctica so we are on the whales migratory route,, hope i havn`t bored you too much ? i will say goodbye for now my friend, have a good night,, your friend :Chan :)