Conjunctions and Linking Words


Coordinators connect elements of equal importance.

S + V , but S + V

(and, but, so, or, nor, for*, yet)

S + V and V

S and S + V

N and N

Adj. and Adj.

Phrase and Phrase

Can be used in a series: A, B, C, or D


Subordinators connect elements of unequal importance. One clause is not as strong as the other.

S + V although S + V

(although, even though, because, since*,

when, while, before*, after*, whenever,

wherever*, if, unless, whether?[or not]

as, as [adjective] as, so that, whereas

anywhere*, anytime*)

Although S + V , S + V

Sentence Connectors

Sentence Connectors connect paragraphs or show relationship between very different ideas.

S + V . However, S + V

(however, therefore, thus, moreover,

nevertheless, first*, then*, next*, still*

S + V ; however, S + V

besides, consequently, furthermore)


Prepositions show relationship among elements of a sentence. They are followed by noun phrases only and cannot take on a S + V.

S + V (prep. phrase)

(during, after*, before*, in, on, at

despite, in spite of, for*, since*, by

(Prep. phrase), S + V

like, except, but*, about, to*, from

between [A and B], among, with

(Prep. phrase) V + S (unusual)

within, without, beside, near, next to)

* These words have more than one function.

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