The ELT Grammar Book

The ELT Grammar Book

A Teacher-Friendly Reference Guide




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Richard Firsten, Patricia Killian

Alta ESL



At long last English language teachers have what they've been waiting for?a "professional friend" to give a helping hand at all times! A great deal more than a grammar book, this new resource explores areas of the language that teachers have found troublesome to understand, hard to explain, and challenging to demonstrate to students. Its down-to-earth, reader-friendly format gives a fresh, new way of looking at complex material, in turn preparing teachers to communicate better and give more effective examples to students. The 22 chapters explore word order, articles, present, past, and future tenses, the overlooked uses of some and any, modal auxiliaries, prepositions, genitives, compound nouns and adjectives, passives and causatives, direct object companions, two-and three-word verbs, subjunctives, conditional sentences, the role of stress and intonation to convey meaning, and more! You'll find valuable information that you've never seen in other grammar reference books! Each chapter:

encourages readers to observe, think about, and make conclusions about grammar points;

features special Troubleshooter boxes with helpful insights on points that often bring problems to the teaching and learning of English because of language interference or other causes; and

concludes with a section of Teaching Tips to help you create an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment in your classroom with a generous amount of activities and games to teach or reinforce the discrete points covered in the chapter. When your mind goes blank and you're trying to remember exactly what native speakers of English say or why they say this or why they don't say that . . . The ELT Grammar Book comes to the rescue! It's a professional friend that you'll consult often over the entire course of your career. 569 pages.