Focus on Grammar 5

Focus on Grammar 5

An Integrated Skills Approach




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Jay Maurer









Clear, communicative, and teachable, this four-level series enlivens the world of grammar like never before! Each book shimmers with an abundance of controlled and communicative practice in a unique four-step approach following contextualization, presentation, guided practice, and communicative practice. The student books serve as a valuable self-study resource?providing grammar charts, notes, expansive appendices, and easy-to-follow exercises! Underpinning the scope of the series as a whole is the constant recycling of structures, plus self-tests at each unit's end and helpful appendices with lists such as irregular verbs. The answers to the self-tests are included in each student book; all other answers are available in an answer key booklet. The accompanying workbooks feature a wealth of relevant writing exercises in an easy assignment format for each unit's target grammar. A symbol throughout the student book indicates the material on the cassette/CD?all of the dialogues are included. The teacher's guides have the complete script, practical teaching suggestions, cultural information, and ready-to-use diagnostic and final tests for each unit. There's also a companion website with task-based web exercises. Using this series will make focusing on grammar mean focusing on fun!

Key to the Levels

Introductory Level:

Designed as a pre-basic skills text.

Basic Level:

The verb to be, present progressive, wh- questions, possessives, prepositions, simple present, simple past, imperatives, review of previous tenses, negative questions, the future, modals, past progressive.

Intermediate Level:

Review of previous tenses, pronouns, phrasal verbs, modals, present perfect, adjectives and adverbs, gerunds and infinitives, preferences, necessities, assumptions, nouns and articles.

High-Intermediate Level:

Review of previous tenses, future progressive, negative questions/tag questions, gerunds and infinitives, phrasal verbs, adjective clauses, modals, the passive, conditionals, indirect speech.

Advanced Level:

Review of all tenses, modals of necessity and certainty, count and non-count nouns, articles, quantifiers, adjective clauses, passive voice, auxiliaries and phrasal verbs, gerunds and infinitives, adverbs, noun clauses, unreal conditions.

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