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Susan Kesner Bland

Oxford University Press







Go beyond the sentence with this down-to-earth series based upon the authentic use of English grammar. Recognizing that knowing how and when to use a structure is as important as knowing how to form it, the books give learners a true understanding of the living language. Guided exercises lead students into the grammar, while special sections on context, the differences between spoken and written English, and vocabulary build accuracy, fluency, and confidence. Each chapter follows this format: The "Grammar in Discourse" section introduces target structure via a high-interest, authentic reading text; the "Form" section provides clear presentation of the target structure, detailed notes, and thorough practice exercises; the "Meaning and Use" section offers clear and comprehensive explanations of how the target structure is used, and exercises to practice using it appropriately; the "Review" section allows students to demonstrate mastery of all aspects of the structure (can also be used as a test); and special sections appear throughout the chapters to help with pronunciation, vocabulary, informal speaking, and extended discourse.


Provide additional practice via supplemental exercises, review sections. With removable answer key.

Teacher's Manuals:

Offer creative yet practical techniques for presenting the grammar, along with troubleshooting tips, cultural notes, and extension ideas. Contains an answer key for the student book and the complete tapescripts for the audio program.


Feature listening exercises that provide practice in discriminating form, understanding meaning and use, and interpreting non-standard form.

TOEFL-Style Testing Program :

Downloadable tests are available free at the series' companion website!

Level 1 (Beginning)

The verb "be" and imperatives, introduction to nouns, adjectives and pronouns, the simple present and present continuous, the simple past and past continuous, quantity expressions, the future with "be going to" and "will," use of "might" and "may."

Level 2 (Intermediate)

Study of the tenses covered in level 1; the present perfect; modals of ability and possibility; phrases of request, permission, desire, and preference; modals of advice, necessity, and prohibition; tag questions, additions with conjunctions; quantity expressions and articles; adjectives and adverbs; comparatives.

Level 3 (High-intermediate)

Study of all the tenses in levels 1 and 2; the present perfect continuous and past perfect/past perfect continuous; modals of possibility; past modals; passive sentences; gerunds and infinitives; modifying nouns; conditionals; noun clauses and reported speech.