Understanding and Using English Grammar

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Azar goes interactive with this all-new CD-ROM! Combining tested grammar practices with advanced audio and "record and compare" functions, the program offers a complete multimedia grammar course, which can be used as the core curriculum or as a supplement to the classic series. Special features include hundreds of innovative practice exercises ranging from drag and drop to audio response; listening, reading, and speaking activities in realistic contexts; pop-up grammar charts; games; and stylish, entertaining cartoon grammar presentations. Every chapter begins with an enhanced input preview and ends with a test; test scores are tallied dynamically in the Progress Report, tracking student development and providing students with immediate, individualized feedback. Windows format.

System Requirements

- Windows 98/XP/2000 with Service Pack 2 or Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 5

- Pentium II processor 400+ MHz

- 64 MB RAM

- 16-bit graphics card

- 800 x 600 monitor

- Sound card, microphone, and speakers

- 10X CD-ROM drive

- Internet Explorer 5

- Macromedia Flash 5, Shockwave 8, Applie QuickTime, and Sun's Java 1.3 plug-ins

- Adobe Acrobat 4