How to solve GRE mathematics question

How to solve GRE mathematics question

gre mathematics common problem is what is included? you know the gre mathematics FAQs how to solve it? solve gre math questions, my benefits have what? One problem: Not too good countermeasures word does not recognize the problem, basically, is to sum up all the new words, together with the memory.

If there is no way or no time for all the words from the title inside dug then there is a better way to understand the mathematical words, to find corresponding English translation is by the Chinese. Example, drawing a right triangle, wherein the acute angle is 30 degrees, the other one is the acute angle of 60 degrees. Chinese can want to understand, you start to think that they correspond to the English: how to tell right triangle? Acute angle, right angle, obtuse angle, respectively, how to say?

The two corners Mutual more than how to speak? If it is complementary quarterbacked? Rectangular sides and hypotenuse the names are what? those who encountered no idea on the dictionary look them up on both the dictionary; those who can think out to write about, a mind in mind, enhance memory, then insist on two "Anything" , mathematical words should mention.

In the last article, I will give some of the more difficult, summed up by past Zhenti, GRE math related to math word, hope that the candidate is able to go back to memory and use of them. In fact, compared to the second and third questions, this problem is relatively simple. Question two: In this case, the subject inside the new words have been resolved, but still can not read, how it happened? For example first: Of the positive integers that are multiples of 30 and are less than or equal to 360, what fraction are multiples of 12? In fact, if not this flip, you should not have any problems: What fraction of the the positive intergers that are multiples of 30 and are less than or equal to 360 are multiples of 12? Mainly a matter of reading: A few of the B a few parts in English to explain: what fraction of B are A.

Therefore, this issue is due to reading problems, this reading is not the word, but rather that: not just words, some of the mathematics which is very "Speaking the English how to express? The method provides a solution: on topics which encountered this argument, translated, and then use the same language sentences and questions give myself.

Example, the fraction of this structure is encountered after ourselves a title: of the positive integers that are less than or equal to 100, what fraction are prime numbers? (Count) The following colloquial language of mathematics, and hope that the students themselves to completing the exercises: A and B is proportional to A and B were similar (geometry) A hit discount for each purchase A 5 Squared The entirely A reciprocal square of the absolute value of the There is also a case can also be classified as word understanding but will not do this understanding is subject coin definition, must be familiar with their slowly. Such as the most classic kinds of questions is 10 there are a number of 1/4 of the subject, says white is the title of count, but also help the people of the leng. Another example: In country A, a person Show is On born every 3 seconds and a person Show dies every for 20 seconds.

Therefore, the birth and death rates account for a population growth rate of one person Show every___ seconds. This topic is a contrived concept: In general, the birth rate is in seconds, while the subject is human units: each was born a number of seconds. Normal point would not be so dry, but in English can really encountered such a problem: in fact is the numerator and denominator reversed only. So, for this case, we can assume: where there are so many units per second, per hour, can practice my upside down, and do you want to believe in yourself, the subject must not imagine the difficult, but reversed , or around it. The three and its countermeasures The most important way to solve the problem of lack of time is familiar with the mathematical knowledge and regular examination of the test sites. Familiar with the knowledge point is divided into two parts, the first section is a familiar formula, such as geometry inside the graphics area formula, such as equation roots and coefficients in the formula of factorization formula. Familiar with the significance of when the candidates will be able to read theme the casual working language in my mind into formula, thus speeding up the problem-solving speed, and do not want to go: the subject say, in the end what does that mean? Achieve this capability The only way to only more questions.

Even if not enough, feel that their own mathematical foundations of books and teaching materials inside the 3000 + topics enough to enhance this capability. For example, we look at a subject: the (numerical comparison questions) The the vertices of an equilateral triangle are on a circle. The length of a side of the triangle The diameter of the circle Should get the subject to form such an image in my mind: an equilateral triangle inscribed inside a circle. All values ??can be counted out, do not read the topic, the relationship between our hearts calculate the radius of the circle and an equilateral triangle edge: 1: ? 3, other relations, such as the relationship of the triangle and the area of ??a circle can figure out At this time look subject two questions limb: triangle side length of a side, and the diameter of the circle (note the diameter, not radius), their ratio is ? 3:2, which is 1.732: 2 (these basic values to know), it is clear that is selected B. In short, when the read casual, pre-reading and predictable title limb content of this one step is very important, can greatly accelerate the solving speed. Another situation is to remember the specific numerical value, for example, the value 3.14 of the ratio of the circumference, it is important in the many calculation problems circle, the circumference of a circle, the values ??in the area of ??substantially all multiples of 314, such as 628, such as 157, and so on.

There is also a special right triangle corners relationship, 3,4,5; 1,1,1.414; 5,12,13; 1,1.1732,2-, etc., it is best to memorize it, in order to help reduce the computation time. In this way, the theme will be from about 1 minute into less than 30 seconds, then the portion of the written test in mathematics as a whole should be about 10-15 minutes in advance to finish. But the actual do question time is often just reduced for about 5 minutes, why the actual and theoretical time estimates? Difference is that many topics not only examine a knowledge point, but the combination of the subject and, more importantly, five chart The read question time questions and other application problems far more than 30 seconds budget. This requires students to do two things:-length questions inside from the application questions concentrated a mathematical relationship; doing the chart title, The first skimming chart to clarify the relationship between the number rather than focus on specific values. E.g.: Mechanical Toy cars A, B, and C, each traveling at its own Uniform RATE Started from the same Point at the same time and raced a 400-meter the Course. When A Crossed the finish line B was of 40 METERS behind A , and C was 58 meters behind A.

When B crossed the finish line, how many meters was C from the finish line? The entire subject of the most important is to be able to immediately draw the relationship: 400 / A = 360 / B = 342 / C Forget unimportant unit, unless the unit is different to be translated (it often will not test that, even if the test unit conversion should read the theme to be considered). ABC three speed relationship is obvious, the final answer should be crystal clear. In summary, the most fundamental way to solve the mathematical difficulty is practice makes perfect: more questions. Do question the significance of the mathematical knowledge review focuses familiar with these mathematical argument. Of course, sometimes the subject inside could meet some new words, recitation of the way, why not do it? Of course, from the segment of the entire exam question types, ready to mathematics is the most important is to do more application problems and chart title. We know that the front half to the entire section is a numerical comparison questions, these topics are relatively simple, so usually best to skip the exercises. The chart title we usually contact is not much to do detailed focus.

However, the chart title inside difficulty different, we are most familiar with columnar and pie charts is not difficult (not difficult because we are familiar with), and the other a relatively unfamiliar kinds of questions, such as topographic maps, frequency distribution table map, especially multi Figure joint, to focus on doing. In addition, application problems, and difficult reading, so it should be a lot to do. We know the only way to improve their English reading ability is to read, then enhance English-based mathematical method should be more reading to do more. On the topic of ETS trend, the math test is becoming more and more difficult, this is due to an increase in basic education by the American Mathematical difficulty. So the math can not be taken lightly. As much math and language marks, and mathematical relatively easy test to high scores, so we should target out of the math scores.

Actually the math to do on a probability of being correct than any one of the languages ??of the kinds of questions should be large, so we should be striving for in the written test before the second half of the math book (application problems and chart title) try to go over, on the one hand, familiar kinds of questions, on the other hand can also enhance confidence. To know that, even if a person is a very confident, but not personally experienced, more or less always some guilty conscience, which is an inevitable human flaws. No matter how good everyone mathematical foundations, without which one can guarantee their own math must be able to out, so be sure to practice to do more to slow the language is relatively large pressure. Of course, the amount of textbook title is quite large, but the relatively small average degree of difficulty, a person doing the simple question too many times, because of inertia but reduced the Si Weimin sharpness, especially in math Si Weimin sharpness, so for mathematics better students, who do not the teaching to do it again, this is not worth the candle.