Over 655,000 join gre in the world 2012

Over 655,000 students join gre in the world

The the GRE number of candidates climbing again in 2012, a record new high. It is reported that more and more of the Graduate School of Business School applicants indicated that they would recommend a friend to apply for GRE, shows that increasing the satisfaction of the candidates on the GRE.
"Although new GRE slow growth in the number of candidates in early 2012, but with the advent of the exam peak period (August to December), the number of candidates increasing rapidly, and far more than expected." The Ministry of Higher Education of the U.S. Educational Testing Service (ETS) David Payne, vice president and chief operating officer, said, "We have recently introduced a series of reforms candidates Candidates satisfaction rise."
In addition, the recent number of reported analysis of the advantages of graduate education, including a positive impact on employment, which is late 2012 GRE increase in the number of candidates is a major cause. For example, jobs requiring high qualifications during 2012-2020 is expected to increase by 20%. In addition, the Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), a 2012 study showed that highly educated population in OECD member countries, the average employment rate of 84%.
GRE number of candidates in 2012 has exceeded 655,000 people, the candidates in 2012, during the height of the the GRE international market growth has reached its highest point. For example, in 2012, China and India GRE number of candidates increased by 30% year on year. 2012 GRE candidates globally diversified characteristics, will also be reflected in the Graduate School and the Business School admissions link.
As more and more students who want to continue studies in domestic or foreign institutions, continued growth in the number of institutions recognized GRE test scores. In 2012, in thousands receiving GRE test scores graduate institutions on the basis of graduate students as well as the number of business schools recognized GRE scores add more than 14%, most of these new institutions for the Asian and European institutions.
Applicants and institutions of higher learning recognized by the Business School GRE score is one of the most notable changes in the Master of Business Administration MBA admissions change. Currently, there are more than 1,000 business schools accredited GRE scores, including the 2013 "U.S. News And World Report" published the top 100 business schools in the United States, 90% of the institutions, and in 2012 the "Financial Times" published "Global MBA rankings in the top 10 seven institutions.
"We are delighted to see that through the GRE test into the Thunderbird School students have high-quality, high standard of applicants to take the GRE extremely diverse, which allows us to have the opportunity to contact different backgrounds and different undergraduate majors applicant. "said Jay Bryant, assistant vice president of Thunderbird School Admissions," Welcome GRE candidates to apply for the Thunderbird School of Global. "
"We learned from the business school admissions departments GRE scores for students accounting for the total number of 5% to 20%." Relations Department Director of the Ministry of Higher Education of the U.S. Educational Testing Service (ETS) Business School Simone Pollard said, "With the More and more students know the business schools accredited GRE scores, we expect the GRE candidates apply for the School of Business will continue to increase in the next enrollment link.
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