How to improve GRE reading speed

1, add vocabulary.

Without all the words of the article have been aware of. Even have to try to keep some of the terminology in the article do not know, so you can guess, the practice's ability to guess the word, after all, the exam will certainly be the word do not know, depending on the context speculated. But some important adjectives, nouns, verbs or to know, because these words reflect the author's attitude and the turning point of the article like structure. And these words to be very skilled, saw will be able to react commendatory or derogatory, can not be a half-day reaction ... We can go back to read behind the words table, usually do read words also summarize important reasoning of attitude back down.

2, daily exercises for long sentences

Every day to see long sentences, do not look at the answer, try to analyze, in their own ways. After reading every one of long sentences, have done what he intended to group training to improve the reading speed, this is very, very helpful See long sentences best every day to see one hour, you can increase the premonition, but also get rid of the fear of reading, watching at the same time to do the Italian group training can increase reading speed. The teacher said, looked long sentences, to do title effect (because of long sentences are read in the sentence, look at the reading will find a more relaxed, because the the hardest sentences are read.), In fact, I okay, some new g reading, many of them are not incorporated into the long sentences

3 speed training

See reading speed, one read fast, just like everyone reading the Chinese can Yimushihang feeling Another is ripe logical framework gre reading. You see of the first sentence says a many people prevail, past time to know an old view Then immediately under realized that looking for the next necessarily new however, but like the turning point, and then find a new perspective Then see in what way the argument, it is pointed out that the lack of it, old ideas and old ideas wrong where, or changes in the form, etc. After reading so logical framework grasp the keynote title, structural questions, attitude questions very easy.