How to Register GRE

How to Register GRE

Registration Time

Each month of the year can register for the test

GRE Website

Visit GRE offical website for Register:

Examination time

GRE machine Tests are held every workday, paper and pencil tests annually held twice in June and October respectively.

Examination Content

Exam content GRE test in two ways: First, the general ability or tendentious quiz (General Test or Aptitude Test) is a professional test or the said Superior quiz (Subject Test or Advanced Test).

General ability test for dual-mode exam, the logical essay exam paper and pencil tests to computerized exam, language and math portions. General proficiency examinations test the candidate's basic English skills and grasp of the depth and breadth of knowledge of the language. It consists of three parts: the first part of the analytical writing section (Analytical Writing), consists of two tasks requires the candidate published a personal perspective on an issue (Issue Task) and analysis of an argument (Argument Task). Analytical writing part of the computer-based test of time for two hours; second part vocabulary (Verbal) section. This part is very involved in the field of astronomy, geography, humanities, science, art, politics and history; part third part mathematics (Quantitative). The part number are on basic management issues, including geometry, algebra, statistics, charts, and intelligence tests, mainly aimed at testing candidates' basic mathematical potential ability and understanding of judgment and reasoning ability to respond to the mathematical aspects. Topic difficulty and the degree of difficulty, sometimes depends on the understanding of the candidates for the title narration and description.

Candidates must be in the same exam year to complete the computer-based test-and-pencil exams (for example: July 1 to the second year of the period between June 30), and the first complete the logical essay portion of the machine test, and then you can take a language and mathematics. The the logical essay part of the computer-based test time is a total of two hours, the pen and paper exam time a total of two and a half hours. China (including Hong Kong), South Korea and Taiwan regions and countries to implement the separate examination of the GRE.

GRE Subject Test GRE professional examinations that test content for the level of measurements obtained by the candidates in a particular subject area or areas of expertise within the knowledge and skills as well as ability level, to help institutions better understand the applicant in a particular subject area the ability of the case. The creation of eight professional: biological Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry , Computer Science, English Literature , mathematics Maths, Physics, Psychology.