eight steps get high score of writing

1.Must study template

5 and 6 score, they are really very important, because that is the most authoritative guidance information not the simple familiar with and recite, but the meaning of the experience of the verbatim and rhetoric. There to remind ETS Pham Van's comments are very exciting, it is recommended that reference! Which will be very beneficial to understand the focus of the examination by the exam.

2. must be skilled

Important to the formation of the inertia of thinking, exam time is really too nervous order scene thinking every word opsonic really difficult, anyway, I did not do it, written when fingers stop operation, far exceed the speed of operation of the brain, the only fully thinking prepared, can be very much at home with ease. The topics mentioned politics, the brain should be Franklin Roosevelt, Lincoln, Gerhard Schroeder, Gandhi ...; mentioned ART, in relation to think of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Starry night, night watch, Hemmingway, the old man and the sea ... ...; mentioned Scandal, in relation to think of Nixon, Watergate,, bill Clinton, sex sandal at the Enron ... In short, the skilled is very, very important!

3. must modify

If you do not ground to modify their own articles, do not know the original loopholes and shortcomings in which Bulkhead write, can only lead to lose the Baizen! Some time to seriously study writing, first go back to change assignments will certainly find themselves a lot of problems, this: We're making progress!

4.Must learn someone else's article

Whether foreigner 280, or moderators organization assignments of the same theme, are very valuable learning and reference information, see the article and writing ideas, is an effective way to improve their level! Suggest that you look to moderators have the original writing assignments and shoot each other, will really benefit! example: among, needle, pooh, Guiguzi cattle, not to enumerate.

5. must think more about

Write it makes more change, and more change than think, of course, do not think fantasy and daydream for writing ideas and self-summary, when I realized this, it was too late!

6. must see the GRE Exam

Do not leave things to chance, find a logic error in the article prior to the examination, I think, than in wasted time worth more than it in 30min. I ate this loss!

7 .must be more exchanges

To hear your views, beneficial and harmless.

8. must have their own examples

No examiner will like the hundreds of people say Van Gogh, Einstein, Curie

The above pro forma the GRE writing out some secret, ladies and candidates selected according to their specific situation learn. The GRE writing out the need for vivid vocabulary and correct grammar, strict logical structure, fresh arguments etc.. Hope that the candidates will be able to find these secret master, get a GRE score.