GRE writing skill

GRE issue writing method


As can be seen from the instructions, we must not simply from the positive and negative point of view to expand the article. Because, it is clear that the discussion "proposition" in a statement in writing, you need to set up the circumstances in which the "true" not established the circumstances in which "not hold true". If you're still holds a single point of view in writing your final score can imagine. However, the reality is that, speaking for the majority of Chinese candidates, they are often trapped in the mindset of a single point of view, "black and white" and failing to analyze a problem from multiple perspectives. And here you Candidates need to understand, the ETS GRE score is a very important essay is the most basic requirement is that complexity is the position and angle diversification. In order to deal with this writing requirement, I will introduce some practical extensively and in line with the instructions required essay.

(1) the integration of opposites options (balance point of view)

Many questions will always be listed in the two objects, accept a abandoned another, this time can find the questions set in the two that the contact between the opposing objects, pointed out that the two coexist.

For example:

It is the artist, not the critic, who gives society something of lasting value.

Work of art itself is in fact there is a very deep meaning and eternal value, while critics can let everyone understand where the value of art.

Spread distant eternal value of art are critics who help filter out.

Therefore, these two objects are not contradictory.

(2) Keywords separation Write

Many questions will appear two objects, on the surface, they seem to be consistent, but in fact there are differences between them. For this topic, we can be sure of an object, and deny another.

For example:

Technologies not only influence but actually determine social customs and ethics.

First of all, we can see that the two objects in the topic customs (customs) and ethics (ethics) is very different. Therefore, the influence of technology on their will never be the same.

. Affirmed customs.

customs can be technological change, such as the many ceremonies and cultural as well as superstition abolished because of the progress of science and there are still a lot of tradition has been given a new meaning.

2. Negate ethics

ethics is difficult to technological change, no matter how they change technology, morality is something recognized by thousands of years of mankind will not change with the development of science and technology, in turn, affect the development of science and technology is the moral.

(3) the definition of fuzzy Keywords

Many topics key point is how to define the keywords, title given the concept is not clear enough, you can have a different understanding, and understanding can have a different direction to the essay.

For example:

"Facts are stubborn things. They cannot be altered by our wishes, or our inclinations."

As we can see, the significance of the "facts" in the title is very vague. Therefore, we can through its different definitions to crack the topic.

If fact as a natural objective laws, this fact is that we can not change, such as all creatures will eventually die. Time can not go backwards, which we can perceive through personal experience, and no matter how hard they try, these facts can not be changed.

If fact be understood as a record of historical facts, then the fact is likely to change. It is true that things may not change, but the fact that history was not completely true record have occurred. "Fact" in this case often are changed.

Above three essay is used by the author in the day-to-day teaching students the most handy way. Of course, if you have a better way the essay, can also be used. , But there is a key point, in response to the new GRE Issue from a multi-perspective and avoid one-sided argument. I believe that as long as you Candidates hearts clear on this point, you write the article must be highly compliant with ETS requirements.

Above that is the new GRE writing issue essay method resolution, candidates can choose according to personal preference method uses writing for the new GRE issue must not be one-sided argument.