Habit Five:  Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood


First video: Empathic Listening 3

“To understand _____________ action.”

“To understand______________judgement.”


What examples of professions does Covey cite (give examples from)?

What does the amateur salesperson do?

What does the professional salesperson do?


The initial tendency is to want to (be) _________________________

                Most people listen with the intent to ________________ or __________________.

                Does Covey think that is a good idea?

                What does he think the intent of listening should be?



Second video: Empathetic Listening 4


What did the optometrist do before he prescribed the glasses?


What was purpose of taking Hal’s glasses and putting them on Anna?

                What was he trying to illustrate?

How did Covey try to convince Anna that the glasses were right for her?

                What methods and words?

                What does he mean by “usually people capitulate?”