A Busy Line

A Busy Line

I'm sorry, sir, the line is engaged. I'll connect you.

Who are you trying to reach?

The line is busy.

You're through now.

I'll see if he is in.

A: Good morning. Sanjiang Hotel.

B: This is Mr. Smith speaking. I'd like to speak to Mr. Bush in Room 802, please.

A: I'm sorry, but Mr. Bush left the room a few minutes ago.

B: That's bad! I've been trying to call him for the last ten minutes, but your line has been busy. Will he be back soon?

A: I'm afraid not. He said he would be back tomorrow when he wentod

B: Then i call him tomorrow.

(John needs to call Curt for an emergency?but the line is busy.)

Operator: Hotel operator. Who would you like to speak to?

John: Mr. Curt. Room 2106, please.

Operator: One moment, please. I'm sorry, the line is busy.

John: The line is busy?l have something important to teil him. Can you interrupt the conversation?

Operator: I am very sorry, sir. According to hotel policy, we are not   owed to interrupt a personal conversation. Would you can to leave a message?

John: No, I don't. It is urgent that I speak to Mr. Curt.

Operator: All right. I understand. I am going to put you on hold. White  ask the floor attendant to knock on his door and let Mr.i know there is an urgent call waiting for him.

John: OK, just hurry up.