Answering the Telephone

Answering the Telephone

Who is calling, please?

I'm sorry, but he is on another line. Hold the line, please.

I’ll see if he is in.

A: Reception. May I help you?

B: Yes, may I speak with Miss Ella?

A: Wait a moment, please. She is on another line right now.

B: Yes, thank you.

(Park is waiting a phone.)

Park: Hello. Is this reception?

Clerk: Yes, it is.

Park: Please connect me with Huang Hai.

Clerk: Who is calling, please?

Park: This is Park.

Clerk: One moment, please, (a moment later) Hello, Mr. Park? I'm sorry, but Mr. Huang is on another line. Could you please hold on  a moment? Or will you call us back?

Park: I'll hold the line.

(one moment later)

Clerk: Sorry to have kept you waiting. Mr. Huang is on the line. Please go ahead.

Park: Oh, thank you. Hello, Huang Hai?

Huang Hai:Oh, hello, Park.

Park: Shall we have dinner tomorrow evening?

Huang Hai: Yes.