Asking for Help

Asking for Help

I haven't been too well lately.

The doctor says I've got to stay in bed. Could you help me lift the box?

Could you arrange it for me?

A: Hello. Maintenance department. Can i help you?

B? Yes,i need help badly. My car has broken down. Can you send  somebody over?

A: We can have somebody come by, but it won't be right away.

B: What time can you send one over?

A: Oh, let me see. It'll be about half past three before we have anybody 1 free.

B: Can it be earlier than that?

A: I doubt it, sir. We'll try, I can't promise anybody before 3:30.

(A guest wants to find Mr. Gao, but he was out The guest requests to him.)


Clerk: This is the Operator. May I help you?

Guest: Yes. Could you put me through to Mr. Gao in Room 1608?please

 Clerk: Certainly, sir.Thank you for waiting, sir. I'm afraid there is reply from Room 1608. Would you like to leave a message? i Guest: Could you page him for me?

Clerk: Yes, sir. Are you sure he's in the hotel?

Guest: Yes, I'm sure. He's probably having lunch. Could you  visit restaurants, please?

Clerk: I'm afraid we can only page the public places.

Guest. Fine. Do that then, please!

Clerk: May i have his full name?

Guest: Gao Lin.