ask guests idea

ask guests idea

What kind of soup woukl you like?

How about trying some smoked fish?

Would you idee some dessert?

Do you want to see the menu?

A: Menu, please.

B: Thank you.

A: Woudd you take beef steak or fish?

B: I would like to have the filet mignon and green salad.

A: What about the other ladies and gentlemen?

B: Okay, we'll have the same menu.



(Mr. Green and his wife look at the menu.)

Waiter Here's the menu for this evening. I'll come and take youa order when you're ready.

Mrs. Green: That's very kind of you.

Waiter Thanks. What soup would you like to have, Mr. and Mrs. Green?

Mrs. Green: I think well have fish soup this evening.

Waiter: I know both of you fancy fish. How about a fish , it's wonderful.

Mrs. Green:i am afraid it's too rich for me.i have friend sole

Waiter:And Mr. Green?

Mr. Green: IH have the same.

Waiter:Can I take your order now?

Mrs. Green: Yes, fish soup for all two of us, two fried soles and a steak.

Waiter: Would you like the steak well done or rare?

Mrs. Green: Well done.