Asking about the Dishes

Asking about the Dishes

Would you like to order now, sir?

May I take your order, please?

What would you like first?

Would you Nke an appetizer Would you like some soup as a starter?

What would you like for your lunch, sir?

Donl you have T-bone steak?

No, sir.that's terrible.

Why don't you take Chateaubriand steak? That is for two people as you see on the menu. It's very big.

Okay, well take it


(A guest comes into a restaurant, a clerk is asking about dishes.)

Clerk:Welcome! Which do you prefer, Western food or Indian food?

Guest: I'd like a real Indian dinner.

Clerk: Thafs fine. Here is the menu.

Guest: How many kinds of Indian cuisine do you have?

Clerk: We several different kinds. They are all here.

Guest: Let me see.

Clerk: All right.

Guest: very much. I'm afraid ifll be some time before I make my  order.

Clerk:OK. Would you like some drinks?

Guest: Yes, some juice, p.ease.

Clerk: OK.  serve the dishes right now.