Asking about the Guests

Asking about the Guests

Who is our waiter?

We havenl decided yet.

i still need several minutes to figure out what we want to eat. Woutd you like an appetizer?

What kind of dressing do you like?

A: Excuse me, sir. May I take your order now?

B: What do you recommend?

A: Are you allergic to any particular food, sir?

B: No.

A: Why not try our buffet dinner?

B: OK.


(The waiter is askliig about Ibe guest whai Im wants to eat.)

Waiter: Good evening. Can i help you?

Guest: I woutd like meal number 3,please.

Waiter: One Beefy Burger meal. All right. And what would you like to drink?

Guest: Lemonade, please.

Waiter. Regular or large?

Guest: Large, please. I am pretty thirsty.

Waiter: Do you want to add 50 cents and get the large fries?

Guest:i  can eat that much. The regular size will be fine.

Waiter: Is this to eat here or to take out?

Guest: It's for here, ptease.

Waiter All right. That will be 2 dollars and 95 cents.

Guest: Here you are.