Bad Connections

Bad Connections

I had a crossed line.

I was cut off in the middle of the call.

The voice was too faint to hear.

There was a crackling/humming/buzzing noise. There was a lot of interference on the line.

 A: Hello. Is this Orange Hotel?

B: Yes, it is.

A: May i speak with Mr. Johnson?This is David fromBeijing.

B: Who? The lines seem to be crossed. I can't hear you very well.

A: I can hear you all right, but something is wrong with this connection, May I call you back?

B: All right. That's better.


(When David makes a call, the phone is in bad connections.)

David: (banging on the receiver rest) Operator! Operator!

Clerk: What can i do for you?

David: Yes. I was speaking to a party, but we were disconnected.

Clerk: I'm sorry, sir. Just hold the line, please, (a few seconds later) the line is connected. Go ahead, please.

David: Thank you. Oh, Mark. This is David again. We were disconnect I didn't hang up on you.

Mark: (laughing)i know you didn't, David.                    

David: I guess something's wrong with the switchboard or the phone  here. The connection often goes dead these days.

Mark:You'd better tell the chief of the Telephone Section.