Would you like to start with a glass of been Bottled or draught?

Your beer, sir. Enjoy your drink.

One for the road?

How about the other half?

A: Good evening, sir. What kind of drink would you like to have?

B: I would like to have a bottle of beer. What brands do you have?

A: Caiisberg, Budweiser, Heineden and Asahi,

B: Caiisberg wrauld be fine. Thank you.

A: Straight up, sir?

B: Certainly not.

(A waiter introduces beers.)

Waiter: May I recommend youTsingtaobeer?


Waiter: Yes, sir. It's one of the best beers inChina.

Guest: Really?

Waiter: Yes. The beer is brewed by using carefully selected malts, rice, hops and natural water from theLaoMountain.

Guest: How about its taste?

Waiter: Fine, sir.

Guest: That sounds great. Two Tsingtaobeers, please.

Waiter: Tin or bottle?

Guest: Tin, please.

Waiter: Would you like it on the rocks, sir?

Guest: No, thank you.

Waiter: You're welcome.