May I see the wine list?

What kind of drinks do you have for brandy?

I'd like to have some local wine.

What kind of wine do you like? What about something soft? Would you like to order some wine with your dinner, sir?

A: Would you care for something to drink?

B: Yes, I'd love to.

A: Which is your preference champagne or brandy?

B: I'd choose brandy any time.

A: What's your favorite Chinese food?

B: Well, it's hard to say. I'd like seafood but I guess I like some sweet and sour pork better now.

A: OK, sir. Anything else?

B: That's all. Thank you.



(After having a meal, the sommelier recommends to have a little  drink.)

Sommelier: Did you enjoy your meal, sir?

Guest: Yes, it was great.

Sommelier: Thank you, sir. The harp recital will be beginning very soon. Would you like a liquor to complete your meal?

Guest: Yes, a Grand Marnier for my wife and I'll have a brandy, please.

Sommelier: Certainly, sir. Which brand would you prefer?

Guest: I'll have a Remy Martin V. S. O. P. please.

Sommelier: Certainly, sir. Just a moment, please.

Guest: OK.